26 July 2014


1 kings 3:5, 7-12; romans 8:28-30; matthew 13:44-52 or 13:44-46

one of my youth-group members, who was with infosys, was leaving for the us and wanted to sell his infosys shares! the others in the group were willing to do anything to buy those shares; one guy was willing to sell his bike (this guy wouldn’t allow anyone to touch his bike!). anything for infosys shares!!!
many street children run away from home in search of a dream. their dreams may be different—to become «somebody», to meet a film star or to join bollywood—but they have one thing in common: they have left everything—home, family, property—to achieve that goal.  
the shares-seeking-youngster and the dream-chasing-kid are both willing to stake everything and make a total investment in something they perceive is invaluable.

that’s precisely JESUS’ point in today’s gospel: the farm-worker, who stumbles on a treasure, and the pearl merchant, who finds an invaluable pearl after a great search, appreciate the value of their find and sell everything to possess their find.
to an outsider, these men appear insane; they give up everything for one treasure. but they are certain about the wisdom of what they do: they give up something valuable to get the one invaluable treasure; they stake everything on one thing… the right thing. 
JESUS gave up everything he valued—his family, his home, his comfort, his profession—to do his father’s will… his greatest treasure. 

JESUS invites us to seek the kingdom and its values. we might stumble over it (like the farmer) or we might find it unexpectedly after a long search (like the pearl merchant); one thing is clear: we will experience great joy when we discover it! 
the question then is: am i ready to stake everything for it?