20 December 2014


2 samuel 7:1-5, 8b-12, 14a, 16; romans 16:25-27; luke 1:26-38

long ago, a prince yearned to win the heart of a princess. he had everything—looks, fame and fortune—and tried everything but failed in his quest. the princess had her eyes and heart fixed elsewhere, and married a penniless woodcutter who did nothing to win her favour! the princess chose the woodcutter because of the mysterious preference of her love.

oh yeah… that happens only in fairy tales! right, it happens in fairy tales and in GOD’s tales! the first reading and the gospel highlight GOD’s choice of people.

in the first reading GOD reminds david of his transformation from shepherd to king through GOD’s choice and grace: «i took you from the pasture, from following the sheep, that you should be prince over my people.» it was a mysterious choice! jesse did not even line him up before samuel; david, the youngest, was tending sheep! but GOD knew whom he was choosing, and did great things through david.
the gospel recalls GOD’s choice of mary as the mother of his son. again, it was a mysterious choice! mary lacked the credentials one would think are needed for such an important task; everything was against her: age, gender, marital status, power. GOD knew whom he was choosing; his grace transformed mary from maiden to mother of GOD.
GOD’s choice required of david and of mary a simple «yes»… which st paul, in the second reading, calls «the obedience of faith.» 

GOD makes another mysterious choice today: he chooses you and me! he chooses us to be a part of the project of which mary was a part; to be entry points for his love into the world. he transforms us as he transformed david and mary. it might sound like a fairy tale; it’s not. it’s GOD’s story… of his mysterious choice.
am i willing to say «yes»? am i willing, like mary, to be the servant of the LORD? to allow the holy spirit to overshadow me and transform me? to believe that nothing is impossible with GOD and that he is indeed with me?