11 April 2015


acts 4:32-35; 1 john 5:1-6; john 20:19-31

one sunday, a butcher, who ran a shop on the outskirts of london, decided to hear the great preacher charles spurgeon. when returned that afternoon, his wife questioned him about the service: «what hymns did they sing?» the butcher couldn’t remember. « what was his text?» again he couldn’t remember! exasperated, his wife asked: «what good did it do for you to go to church this morning?»
the butcher was quiet for a moment. then he said: «what good? i will tell you what good it did. you know the scales in the shop that really weigh 14 ounces to the pound? before we open for business tomorrow, i am going to correct those scales to weigh the correct 16 ounces to the pound.»

going to church did the butcher a load of good. it transformed him. so it was with the disciples who encountered the risen LORD!
the gospel portrays thomas’ radical transformation from one who doubted JESUS’ resurrection and wanted a personal experience to the first one who courageously confessed that JESUS was GOD!
the first reading is a description of the early christian community. the disciples were transformed from people fearfully behind shut doors to people who testified to the resurrection with great power; from people who fought for position and greatness to people who were of one heart and one soul… that’s the good that came from their encounter with the risen LORD (and the outpouring of the holy spirit).

it doesn’t matter if we cannot remember the hymns sung at the eucharist or the text of the readings (and the homily!). if our lives are radically transformed by our encounter with JESUS, that’s a load of «good». 
may our encounter with the risen LORD in the eucharist and in the world transform you and me.