01 August 2015


exodus 16:2-4, 12-15; ephesians 4:17, 20-24; john 6:24-35

ali hafed owned a large farm with orchards, grain fields, and gardens. he was a contented man.
one day someone told hafed that he would be wealthier if he owned a diamond mine. hafed went to bed that night poor… because he was discontented. craving a diamond mine, he sold his farm, and travelled the world over searching for the rare stones… till he became so broken and defeated that he committed suicide. 
sometime later, the man who purchased hafed’s farm led his camel to the stream to drink. as the camel drank, the man saw a flash of light from the bottom of the stream. he dived in and pulled out a glistening stone. he had discovered the diamond mine of golconda! 
had ali hafed remained at home and searched in his own garden, he would have had acres of diamonds instead of death in a strange land.

hafed is a symbol for every man/woman who constantly searches for his/her needs… and wants. this search is the basis of joys and hopes, disappointments and frustrations.

hafed is a symbol for the israelites during their journey to the promised land. they yearned for food and water; they grumbled against moses and aaron… and GOD. when yahweh provided them with manna and quails and water… they craved novelty and continued their grumbling. the story of the israelites is a story of searching and craving, and a dissatisfaction with what they had.
in the gospel, the crowd «came… looking for JESUS» searching for more bread that would fill their daily hunger. JESUS led them gradually to the truth that their search finds fulfilment in him and his teaching. but like their ancestors, they remained dissatisfied with what he offered them, and sought further signs.

for what do i search? am i content with what i have or do i crave more? does my hunger for contentment and meaning find fulfilment in JESUS the bread of life? do i search for «diamonds» everywhere when the greatest treasure is with me?