17 October 2015


isaiah 60:1-6; romans 10:9-18; matthew 28:16-20

at an international seminar on evangelization, participants spoke about their strategies to spread the gospel: preaching, printing pamphlets, distributing copies of the bible, social development work, and so on. one young african girl was quiet throughout the discussion. when all had finished giving their brilliant suggestions, she said: «when we think a village is ready to receive CHRIST, we send a good christian family to live in that village.»

living the mission… that is the «method» to spread the gospel! 
pope francis says as much in his world mission day message: «being a missionary is not about proselytizing or mere strategy; mission is part of the ‘grammar’ of faith.» he adds: «all… are called to proclaim the gospel by their witness of life… are called to live the mission. for them, the proclamation of CHRIST… becomes their way of following him.»

this is the fiftieth anniversary of the second vatican council document on mission (ad gentes). its now famous statement—«the pilgrim church on earth is missionary by its very nature»—reminds us that mission is not just for a few members of the church. all of us are called to be «on mission» wherever we are so that people can know and love CHRIST. we are all invited to walk the streets of the world with our brothers and sisters, proclaiming and witnessing to our faith in CHRIST and making ourselves heralds of his gospel.

does my life proclaim CHRIST… and make people know and love him? how will i live the mission?