21 November 2015


daniel 7:13-14; revelation 1:5-8; john 18:33b-37

arthur was the first-born son of king uther pendragon of england. since they lived in troubled times, merlin, his wise magician, advised that the baby arthur should be raised in a secret place without anyone knowing his true identity. merlin sent arthur away to be raised in the countryside. and so the boy arthur grew up as an «ordinary» lad; he lived among his people… unspoiled and unsullied by the grandeur of royalty. that experience stood him in good stead; when he became king, he was kind and loving, and embodied loyalty, strength, boldness and faithfulness.

arthur is, perhaps, a legendary figure! but his story is similar to the story of the king of the universe: JESUS. 

JESUS was born to a humble carpenter and a lowly maiden in an obscure hamlet of nazareth; he grew up as an ordinary lad, and perhaps did the ordinary things that other ordinary lads did. for much of his life, few knew his true identity.
JESUS grew up to be king… but a king unlike any other. in his conversation with pilate, he clearly states: «my kingdom is not here». his kingdom was not for the nobles and the holy; it was for all people, especially the downtrodden, the forgotten, and the sinner. his kingship was not of power and domination; it was the way of powerless and freedom. he had no palace; he was born in a manger, had no place to lay his head during his public ministry, and he was buried in a borrowed tomb. he did not have servants waiting on him; he put on a towel and became a slave to his apostles when he washed their feet. his crown was made of thorns, his throne was the cross.

we are subjects of this «ordinary» king who is extraordinary. to be subject to him is to experience love and acceptance, liberation and peace. will i be his true subject? if so, how will i imitate this ordinary and servant king?