19 December 2015


micah 5:1-4a; hebrews 10:5-10; luke1:39-45

the breaking news this week: in politics, a bitter spat and a war of words between the centre and the delhi government after the cbi searched the office of the chief minister’s principal secretary. in governance, ten smart cities in maharashtra to cost rupees 32000 crores. in sports, after a calamitous run of results which leave them in danger of relegation, chelsea sack manager jose mourinho seven months after he led them to their premier league title.
to deal with issues, humans have recourse to strong means – authority, power, money.

how does GOD deal with issues?
to save our world and us, he becomes human and joins us in our weakness. he is the GOD of small things. 

this is the emphasis of todays readings.
in the first reading, the prophet micah announces GOD’s intention to raise a king to bring peace to his people. this king would come not from jerusalem, the capital, but from bethlehem, a little obscure town. bethlehem is small and obscure; but GOD will work through its littleness to raise a shepherd whose greatness would span the ends of the earth.
little bethlehem had within it a still littler life: a humble virgin who would give birth to the worldsaviour. the gospel shifts focus to ain karen. mary hastens to her cousin’s house—a long four-day trip on foot, over dirt paths, under the hot sun. the mother of the saviour, humbly and at a great cost and inconvenience to herself, goes to serve her elderly cousin.
our GOD is not a powerful king but a fragile infant born in a lowly manger. our GOD brings salvation not through power, authority and money, but with humility, obedience and service by his death on a lowly cross… as the second reading from the letter to the hebrews stresses. 

our GOD is the GOD of small things and he chooses to come among us in small ways.
how do i deal with the issues and problems of life: do i use power and authority or do i choose GOD’s little ways? do i strive for influence and money or do i allow GOD to work through my littleness and defects? do i believe in the GOD of small things?