11 June 2016


2 samuel 12:7-10, 13; galatians 2:16, 19-21; luke 7:36—8:3

the classroom in which a certain teacher taught was in a building on a very busy road. the sound of traffic, especially of ambulances, was constant and an irritant. during every class, the teacher would complain to the students about the noise.
that changed one day! the teacher began class by apologizing for his daily complaints about the ambulances and sirens. his pregnant wife had an emergency situation that weekend, and the ambulance squad saved the lives of his wife and their baby. he said: «i want to apologize because i was listening to the noise instead of thinking about the lives» (cf. isaiah jones, «seeing beyond the sin»).

the «noise» in simon’s life prevent him from seeing the woman who anoints JESUS’ feet. JESUS asks him: «do you see this woman?» simon does not see the woman! simon sees her reputation that precedes her (a sinner); her inappropriate behaviour…
he sees everything but this human being created in GOD’S image.
the «noise» of selfishness and lust make david see bathsheba as an object of lust and desire, and uriah as an obstacle to his possession of her. david fails to see them as human beings, and as wife and husband.
JESUS sees the woman and david as people who have sinned and who need forgiveness. and he forgives both! 

often, the «noise» of selfishness, pride, or chauvinism prevent us thinking about «lives»: we see problems to be solved not human beings who need love; sinners who must be corrected or condemned, not broken people who need forgiveness. we need a new perspective! 
JESUS asks me the question he asked simon: «do you see this woman/man/yourself?»
what are the «noises» that prevent me from seeing the person as he/she is or as i am?