06 August 2016


wisdom 18:6-9; hebrews 11:1-2, 8-19; luke 12:32-48

it was exam time during my second year of theology. i was studying after supper. there was a knock on my door. it was my scripture teacher! 
he said: «i know your exam is day after tomorrow. i have a ‘must-attend’ meeting in the morning and i will reach late for your time-slot. can you appear for your exam earlier?» i was stumped: «earlier? i have another exam tomorrow!» «can you come now?» 
now! i wanted some time to dress appropriately and to glance through my notes. but the teacher said: «just come as you are!» i had no choice but to close my books and my door… and go for the test!

all of us will have to face a much more important—and dead-cert—test at the end of our lives. we do not know when jesus—the «teacher»—will call us for the test; he tell us it will be «on an unexpected day and at an unknown hour.» 
in this sunday’s gospel, through the parable of the vigilant servants, jesus advises his «little flock» to be ready for this final test. 

an attitude that will help us be prepared for the final test is commitment to the task/mission GOD has entrusted to us. jesus calls the disciples to be «faithful and prudent stewards» who loyally and responsibly administer their owner’s assets. when we do this, we are always ready for the teacher and we need not fear the final test. 
there is another—more important—reason for being unafraid: jesus tells us that we are a flock loved by the father, chosen and intended for the kingdom. like abraham, our father in faith, we need to trust GOD’s loving providence which sustains us always and in unexpected ways (cf. second reading). 

am i ready for the final test? am i a «faithful-prudent-vigilant steward» committed to my GOD-entrusted mission? do i trust in divine providence?