17 September 2016


amos 8:4-7; 1 timothy 2:1-7; luke 16:1-13

this thursday, india begin another cricket series versus new zealand. with home advantage and after a series win in the windies, india should win. should they lose (or when they lose next), the knives will be out again! the couch critics’ analysis will be simple: «this had to happen when these guys spend time endorsing products instead of practising.» the cricketers’ rejoinder is equally simple: «our playing days are limited; we have to secure our future.»

perhaps one can’t blame them for getting «life insurance»! think of the time we spend checking which bank gives the best interest rates, in which shares/mutual funds to invest, which courses to do that improve our market-value… we are trying to ensure «kal par control».

that is what the steward in today’s gospel parable does: when given the pink slip, he does everything—even cheat—to secure his future. 
however, the parable has nothing to do with the steward’s honesty/dishonesty; it challenges us to be resourceful and committed to secure our future… with GOD. 
jesus gives us sound investment advice: «make friends for yourselves with unrighteous mammon» (the aramaic «mammon» is related to «emet», the word for faithful; it stands for something upon which one depends). we think that our security lies in material possessions. jesus tells us to exchange these for bonds of appreciation and to use our resources to build relationships, because people—as the steward knew—are more important than money; real friends last longer than money.
jesus asks his disciples to imitate «the children of this world» who are totally committed to a single cause and serve only one master. 

what am i going to do to gain «kal par control»? in whom/what will i invest my time and resources?
will i use the resources that GOD has given me, and serve him with all the shrewdness, effort and resources that i put into other areas in my life?