26 November 2016


isaiah 2:1-5; romans 13:11-14; matthew 24:37-44

a school helped children stay abreast with their academics during hospital stays through tutoring. once, the school gave a tutor a boy’s name and hospital room number, and told her to teach him nouns and adverbs, which the class was studying at that point. the boy had been seriously injured in an accident.
when the tutor went to see him, she was unnerved by his state, and stammered: «your school sent me to help you with nouns and adverbs.» the next day, a nurse asked her: «what did you do to that boy?» the teacher thought she had done something wrong and began to apologize. the nurse said: «no, no! since yesterday, his attitude has changed; he’s fighting back, responding to treatment. it’s as though he’s decided to live.»
later the boy explained that he had given up hope until the tutor arrived. everything changed when he realized that «they wouldn’t send a teacher to work on nouns and adverbs with a dying boy!»

hope changes everything!
isaiah (first reading) writes during a period of wars and intrigue, alienation and division. in this time of discouragement, his is a message of hope: our faithful GOD is with us and is bringing us together; he predicts a time of unity and peace.

this is the message we need today!
no matter where we live, there is uncertainty, violence, upheaval. we need to hope… and make it change everything. in paul’s words to the romans, we need to throw off the works of darkness and put on the armour of light; we need to live upright lives.
the gospel, too, is a hopeful reassurance that the LORD will come. we need to stay awake and be prepared.

GOD doesn’t send his son into a «dying» world!
during this advent season, will i hope and make it change everything? will i allow light into places of darkness? will i work for reconciliation and unity in my family/ community/ society? what swords do i need to beat into ploughshares and what spears into pruning hooks?