04 February 2017


isaiah 58:7-10; 1 corinthians 2:1-5; matthew 5:13-18

a young lady went to her pastor: «i am the only christian in my office. there’s corruption and nepotism everywhere. i get nothing but taunts and sneers. i’m quitting.»
the pastor asked her: «where are lights placed?» the lady asked him bluntly: «huh? what’s that to do with my situation?» 
the pastor replied: «never mind. answer my question.» she said: «in dark places.»
«and that is why you are in that office where there is spiritual darkness and where there is no other christian to let his/her light shine.»
the young lady went back to work determined to let her light shine in that dark place! 

this is our mission as christians: to let our light shine. this is the mandate jesus gives his disciples in today’s gospel: to be salt and light… wherever we are.
by itself, salt tastes awful and is useless. salt is valuable when it associates with other things and transforms them: a little salt—invisible though it is—brings out the flavour of food; the little salt in our bodies helps control blood pressure, and regulates the function of muscles and nerves; salt purifies and softens, cleans and preserves. of itself, light is useless; we seldom look directly at a source of light. light is valuable when we look toward objects it illuminates; it warms and nurtures, sustains and cheers.
to be the «salt of the earth» is to associate with people to bring out the inherent goodness in them; to be the «light of the world» is to illuminate a dark and cold society with GOD’s presence.
the first reading gives us concrete ways to be the light: be just, alleviate need, and remove oppression.

how will i be salt? how will i let my light shine?