29 April 2017


acts 2:14, 22-33; 1 peter 1:17-21; luke 24:13-35

the film «the miracle worker» is the story of helen keller and anne sullivan. it depicts how sullivan broke through keller’s isolation, confusion and anger imposed by a near complete lack of language. for 49 years she journeyed with keller… first as teacher, and then as companion. she showed keller the meaning of words, and helped keller blossom into a world-famous speaker, author, and advocate for people with disabilities. 

the two disciples on their way to emmaus had a journey similar to keller. they went from despair to hope, from looking downcast to having burning hearts… after the risen jesus journeyed with them as teacher—he explained the meaning of the word to them; and companion—he broke bread with them. after this walk, they became messengers of hope to the other disciples.
in the second reading (an excerpt from 1 peter written for christians in asia minor whose acceptance of the gospel alienated them from society), peter bolsters their faith. he tells them that during the time of their sojourning, the risen jesus sojourns with them.

«GOD walking with us» is a recurrent theme in the bible: he walked with adam and eve in the garden; he walked with the israelites in the desert; he walked with the exiles; he walked the shore of galilee healing the sick and comforting the anguished.

GOD still walks with us in our times of anguish and despair, confusion and pain.
do i recognise him? or do discouragement and despair prevent me from recognising him? does this walking transform me? do i walk with others?
may you and i be aware of GOD walking with us on our «emmaus» journeys! may opening the scriptures and breaking the bread strengthen us to walk with others to bring them hope.