26 August 2017


isaiah 22:19-23; romans 11:33-36; matthew 16:13-20

duke ellington—composer, pianist and conductor—composed with each musician of his band in mind. he said: «you keep their weaknesses in your head as you write, and that way you astonish them with their strengths.»

that’s the way GOD works with the leaders he chooses and with us: he keeps our weaknesses in mind and astonishes us with our strengths; he perfects us in weakness.
how else does one explain his choice of leaders? why does GOD choose people with faults and foibles as leaders?
we have a response in this sunday’s gospel. 

in response to jesus’ question about his identity, simon acknowledges jesus as the christ. jesus gives simon a new name—peter, and a mission—the rock on which jesus will build his church.

what kind of a rock was peter? 
soon after being named rock, peter misunderstood the nature of jesus’ mission. during jesus’ passion, peter denied him thrice. after the resurrection, peter left the LORD and went back to his boat and nets. twenty years later, peter withdrew from table fellowship with fellow christians merely because they were gentiles.
by nature, peter was not rock!

but the weak and human peter becomes rock when he is open to divine revelation («blessed are you, simon…»), and when jesus prays for him (peter, i have prayed for you, that your faith may not fail…»). after pentecost, peter fearlessly proclaimed the gospel. he was imprisoned, tried, tortured, forbidden to preach… he did not stop preaching! 
through grace, peter became rock.

there is something of simon in each of us. we misunderstand jesus’ mission and words, we deny him, we get engrossed in our own career and work.
yet GOD keeps choosing us, with and despite our weaknesses, and strengthens us to be his church. he perfects us in weakness.
will i open myself to his grace? will i allow him to perfect me?

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